Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Love Menagé

My heart is on fire
I can feel my selves cleaving
A burning in my belly
Breathing becomes obvious
Chest rising and falling
My nerves twitching
Body rocking
I'm beginning to tremble
Don't know if its from anger or anxiety
I'm scared of her
I want her
Want to get closer
Want her to disappear
Two roads
Which to take
In the books
The ones by dickey and zane
There's never a happy ending
The three never become one
I want to write the other story
The story where everyone wins
He loves her she loves him together they share her
A complete circle
They can walk hand in hand
Love freely
Be freely
All needs met

Thursday, September 03, 2009


BeBe is a sex therapist, literally she helps people with their sex problems. She's been working on coming out with a sexual health video geared towards african americans since there aren't many already on the market. This makes her work long hours so I don't get to see her like I use to, but her working on this project has helped us and has worked in my favor. It has heightened our already bomb sex life. What I love about BeBe is her free spirit and try-sexual ways. I've always loved the way her body felt to me but lately the pleasure of it has enhanced. She makes me think and speak about how it feels and what makes it feel so good. I'm usually the quite one causing her to speak in tongues but lately her taking control of me got me open.
            It started with her coming home one day from a production meeting full of energy, anger and focus. She closed the front door yelling "Marcus, we have to fuck right now, I have research to do." Confused and uncertain if I had heard her correctly I paid her no mind and kept watching the nfl game replays on sports center. She walked into our entertainment room opening her white Chanel top that I bought her for her birthday exposing her LeParla black lace bra. "Damn, you so fine" I thought to myself feeling my dick getting hard. After 3 years of being together BeBe's body still turned me on at first sight. Her cocoa brown skin, the softest I've felt,  triple D breast that defied gravity, areola the size of silver dollars, nipples that looked like suck on me. Walking towards me I couldn't hear her rambling as she began unzipping her black slim fitting skirt exposing her black garter, black butterfly thong and thigh highs. "Damn I wanna fuck" I thought now gently squeezing me dick through my pants to relieve the emerging erection. "Marcus are you listening to me?" Shaking myself out of a the trace I tried to play off how badly I had accidently had been ignoring her."Nevermind Marcus,just take ur pants off." "Huh?" BeBe now standing directly in front of me her hips in my hands pussy in my face,she took my hands and put them on her ass,bent over, kissed me "fuck her lips are so soft", dick growing hard. She kissed my neck and right behind my ear, she knew exactly what she was doing and she knew she had me right where she wanted me. "Fuck me papi, nice and slow while telling me how good I feel to you" bending down more she licked then bit my bottom lip "imma fuck the shit out of you," I think. Kissing me untying my grey sweats, she sticks her hand in and graps my dick like she's mad at it. "This dick is gonna talk to me today, you ready for this pussy daddy?" Almost unable to speak, the combination of her taking control and stroking my dick with her soft ass hands, hell yeah I was ready for that pussy. I grabbed her face and kissed her forceful, "I take that as a yes" she said,"shut the fuck up" I retorted removing her hand from my dick. With more force then I've ever felt from her she pushed my chest and said " aunh auhn, you not controlling this today, I am" ok I'll let you have this one, I thought, interested by how bossy she'd become. I was surprised to see her this aggressive usually she was more passive, I became even more surprised when she stood on the couch over me and pushed her pussy in my face.
           "Mmmm sugar water." See BeBe could get away with this shit cause she knew how good her pussy taste and she knew how much I liked to taste her sweetness. Still trying to hold on to some control of the situation I didn't dive right in, I just laid my head back on the couch and looked at her. She put her hands on her hips and said "hmmmmph" and proceeded to place her knees on the chair back on either side of my head. Her pussy too close to my nose and mouth to resist I gave it an eskimo kiss. Shaking my nose from side to side,nuzzling gently. Wanting and ready to taste I used two fingers to pull her thong to the side, stuck my index and middle finger in with my thumb sticking out, used it to rub her clit as I began to lick it. The first lick to her clit made her jump a little, the second one did the same, I kept giving short licks until her mini jumps turned into a slow grind. Licking up and down from her clit to her hole, her grinding matched my pace. When I licked up, she grind down and when she grind up, I licked down. "Sweet ass pussy" it always amazed me how she tasted like suger water, sweet and clean. The more I licked, the more it rained down, the harder and slower she grinds. Mmmmm this shit was getting good to me, her moans and yeeaahhheessssaaaas in her sing song trini accent and sweet pussy juice splashing all over my face, the faster and more furious I licked and slurped while grabbing and pinching her ass. When her "yes"es turned into "right there"s I grabbed the waist band of her thong with both hands and tore it off. Grabbed her waist and pulled her down onto my dick. She let out an ahhh as if she was in pain. "You ok" "shut up and fuck me" still holding onto her waist I bounced her up and down on my dick, her pussy felt as sweet as it tasted. Warm, snug, and oooh soo wet. I watched her body elevate and descend, titties pop, head bobbing. I could feel the full weight of her phat ass, its cheeks plopped down then up on my thighs. The sound of her moans, her wetness and flesh against mine. Pussy walls as soft as a serta perfect sleeper. Ripples and waves. The tip of my dick going up, against and through her internal cushions made my abdomen muscles clench. Trying to keep her control her lips find their to my neck. Her tongue small and as soft and wet as the pussy I'm in sends my senses into overdrive.
             "Talk to me Marcus" "fuck words, I'm trying to focus" "eennnhhh talk to me marcus" "make me cum off your words papi" "tell me how this pussy feel to you" "oooohhh mmy God" tight pussy, wet pussy, soft lips, sweet moans, seductive voice, she got it " good" "good?" "What makes it feel good?" "You so fucking wet" " yeah, you keep it like that papi, you get me so wet daddy" she squeezes her pussy muscles "ooh" "damnnnn" "tell me what that felt like papi" "felt like that pussy sucking my dick" stroke in, pussy walls open, stroking out, pussy tightens. " You trying to make me cum?" " you ready to cum?""not till you do first" " so make me cum papi" I lift her up off me turn her around, bend her over the coffee table, insert and pound. Her sounds louder and more uncontrollable, I'm back in control. " You want me to tell you how good this pussy is?" No response just more moans. I dig deeper. " You asking me how good this pussy is?" "Yesssahh, yesssahh!" "Tell me how good this dick is" "its good papi,its soooo gooodddaaahhh" "this dick make you cum?" The question starts the process I can feel her grow wetter, can feel her walls grow tense. "Huh, u not gonna answer me?" "This dick good enough to make you cum?" More moans, more sugar water,cushions swell and pulsate. "Cum BeBe, cum on this dick" "ahhhhhh,ahhhhh" yelling like she's being tortured. "Cum for me BeBe, cum all over this dick" one full ram of a stroke, one last yell, pussy walls seize like an epileptic, she breathes heavy. I hold her against my body, in my arms, pull out slowly, slide back in slowly, squeeze her tight, slide all of me in her and release.