Monday, September 13, 2010


So close
Long nights
Even longer days
Soon the time will come for us to count the ways close...
Seeing your face
Welcome the taste
Loneliness replaced
Finally you near me
Tipping touching arousing me close...
The first time
Long awaited
Suspense weighted
Desire elevated close...
Close your eyes
Relax your mind
Feel me
And fill me
Slowly close...
You're sitting
I'm standing
Eyes demanding
...come close...
I move closer
Shortening the distance
Forfeiting resistance
Make reality of your wishes close...
See me
Sense me
Clothes give way and reveal me
Yet you wait
For me
I kiss
You kiss
You touch
We touch
So...very close...
Slip and slide
Fit perfectly
Wrap legs horizontally
Pull you closer to me
Be gentle
Enter slowly
The first time
What a surprise
Gasp when you realize
Closer than anytime before
So close making you hunger for more
Touch tip
Awaken sleeping lips
Anticipate the dip
Eyes close
The body knows
Automatic the motion flows
Welcoming you to your new home
Surrounded by pillows
Manhood evaporates in erogenous zones
Lover, fighter, flighter
Come let's get higher
Re-acknowledge the sounds
Music in the background
Moaning resounds
Breathing meeting the rhythm
Beats drum
drips drop in between them
Waited soooo long
Force the moment to last longer
Regain composure
Fight pleasure
river flow float and follow
Orgasmic violence
And we struggle
...too close...
Sensory anxiety
Revolting urges
Pheromones encouraging
Partake of me
Indulge in me
Break free
Embrace your mini death and resurrect in me
Listen to me
...I'm close...
Its not a race
Hold on to second place
Propel me
Steer and replace me
Even closer
Bury your face
White flags
Towels thrown
scream turned yelling and ends with a moan.

Fem Fatale

His desire for her is obvious
An unquenched flame
Temporarily tamed by his current one
He leaves his want for her unresolved
Afraid he'll be consumed by her and
spiral down into an abyss of bliss
She, the snake charmer
Her, his heart, she gave him her own to wear as armor
Like blood and water
Love is stronger than lust
She a preying mantis
To destroy what they have is what she thirst
She wants to get to him but only if she can get to her first
Seduction her potion, strong but not as strong as their devotion
Not because she can't win but because he refuses to lose
Him being well versed in the 80/20 rule
Her wants she too
Just once to see if its all true
Prove herself the fittest of the two
The battle of the Ms. vs the Mrs……
To be continued