Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Key

For so long the secrets of my garden were locked up and tucked away, hidden even to myself. My heart was the cold guardian of my golden gates. With one touch he warmed me from the inside out. Angel wings held so tight loosen their grasped. Opened wide and welcoming the lock jingled the nearer he approached. Lacing his entrance to make adjusting to him easier all clasps previously secured gave way. Went from denying to begging enter me, be the one to release me.
Pleasurable pain accompanied him my aura guided him steadfast towards the light. As  dark clouds broke sunlight beamed through roses bloomed, water lillys surfaced chocolate mountains parted forming valleys of milk n honey. Click click unlock hard metal hits the ground. Gates peeled back shutters pushed open. He takes deliberate steps tip toes turning into dew everything he touches melting away memories of anyone who has ever treaded before him. Gentle footprints imprinted one by one staining my heart with the letters of his name. Deeper in he goes, unveiling every flower tapping every bud springing forward with excitement. Without fail he finds it, the buried treasure, slumbering unaware of the paradise it could reveal. The chamber of the Goddess only unearthed twice for brief moments in time. He stalls his movements marvels in the presence of her glory. Absorbs her radiance and proceeds to stir her fortress. Gently rocking her majesty from her coma. Soothing motions raises her eyes, she stretches and swells, continued motivation she rises and falls. He the puppet master she his marionette. His motions cause her to stand and dance and soon begins to sing. Her words float upward and outward bellows through the doors from wench he came pried open by his prowess never to be closed again. He visits often always finding his way seamlessly. The Goddess sleeps and awaits to be awaken as she knows she will be.