Oh Secret what a dirty little mind you have, sometimes its just a little too much for me. When I can't take it all just give me a little from the tip of your tongue.....

                                                          Secret Says...

"You're the only one with the key to my lust flower which stays locked away for you, its petals only dampen with loves dew with thoughts of you"

"He started slow and held my hands/Used his taste tester to test my lust for him/He intensely yet slowly picked up his pace, And my breath began to chase my heartbeat/With his paintbrush he painted messages of desire in the valleys of my canvass/Each kiss a silent whisper in a dark cave/Grasps my hands tighter/When imitation words escaped me/Fervently drawing me closer to my peak/Unable to speak/He makes me feel how much he really wants me."

Erotic Eruptions...

Hello Good Morning

Wake up
Hear my sugar walls calling
Wake up 
Hear my sugar walls whispering
Good Morning
See my sugar walls glistening
Go head and touch it baby
Slide a finger or two inside
Lick around the edges of my sweet cherry pie
Eat it baby
Breakfast is served
Go deeper inside
Good Morning
Let's take a joy of sex ride
Feel those sugar walls tensing
Good Morning
Break down my sugar walls fence and
Push through the gates and 
Knock down the door of fate so
I can cum racing out towards you leaving
Sweet sticky goodness all over your face
Good Morning 

My Playground
5'5 caramel brown skin 34DD size 10 waist, nothing on. Hands raised in the air in a V formation. Gaged with a black leather ball and chain. Eyes bulging, forehead sweating, handcuffs on wrist and ankles. Legs apart, lips watering. I am in control. The couch is her throne and she is mine. I am on top of her; taking my time. My tongue tickles her fingertips, a million kisses travel down her arms.I get treats and toys to make this even more fun. Strawberry syrup trickles down her neck and my tongue follows. Licks and twirls around her headrest. Whip cream flows like milk in through her valley. Kiss by kiss i  make her clean again.

Eight Minutes

Start Time: 11:32 AM
She unbuttons his shirt, he places his hands underneath her skirt, Moisture. Lace panties pushed to the side. Belt buckle loosened. UnZIP. Pants fall to the ground, boxers bulging. Feminine hands take hold of hard cock. His hands choke her neck, his lips kiss her earlobe and suck on her lips. She raises one leg, he inserts a finger, tightness grips it, wetness drenches it. His right arm under her left knee. His knees bend, his stiffness finds her entrance. In and out. His knees bend and straighten, her pelvis rocks. Ying and Yang meet. In and out. His balls catch wetness and slaps her ass. His hands stay around her neck, her moans cloud his ears. In and out. Faster, Harder, In and Out, Faster, Harder, In and Out. She purrs "dont stop, im almost there." He goes Faster, Harder, In and Out. Her walls collapse and expand, she begs, "Please dont stop." He goes Harder, Faster, Faster, Harder In and Out. She bangs her head on the wall but doesn't mind the pain as he goes In and Out, Harder and Slower, Harder and Slower. His hands pin her head to the wall, she's welping without tears, he's grunting, Slower and Softer, Slower and Softer. He lets her leg down, his penis still inside, her head rest on his shoulder, their hearts beat as one. Time 11:40 AM

Chocolate Sundae

Monday afternoon, 3:45 pm. Coco and Diangelo always meet in the same train car, head to the gym to get a good workout in before heading home after work. Today was seemingly no different. Diangelo was standing by the third door of the third train car, Coco was waiting on the platform making sure she spotted him before stepping on. "Hiiiiiiii Love," Coco says in her always youthful and cheery way before landing a luscious kiss on Diangelo's plump lips. Diangelo's eyes sparkle when he sees her. Coco although older then him, keeps him young and that excites him. Today there is more than a sparkle in his eyes though. Coco too enthused and excited to talk to him about her day misses it though. She doesn't notice that his sparkle is more of a devilish stare. Diangelo is far from motivated to work out, at least not at the gym. They exit the train and make their way towards the gym, Coco blabbering the whole way. Diangelo nods and responds appropriately, the whole time plotting how to divert Coco's attention from the gym in order to get her back to his lair.

"I'm not really in the mood for the gym," he says. "Noooo, we're already here," Coco says. "You can't make me." "Oh yes I cannnn." Coco can be very convincing at times, like a daddy's little girl, she puts on a smile and bats her eyes to melt the heart of the man trying to tell her no. Diangelo says alright but Coco knows she's not really in the mood for the gym either, but she is determined to get a work out in some way. They compromise on doing at least a thirty minute workout. Diangelo had mentioned that he had some errands to run, so they workout, change and proceed to take care of some business. Little did Coco know she would become the business.

Making no stops Diangelo leads Coco back to his house, which wasn't hard at all for him to do. Coco gets so animated when they talk sometimes she gets caught up and doesn't pay attention to where they're going. It's not until they get to his neighborhood that she realizes they haven't completed any of the task that were on Diangelo's to do list. "Wait, where are we going, didn't you say you wanted to stop by office max to pick up some business supplies?" Coco standing still with her hands on her hips, to appear more authoritative. "Yea, I did" "But isn't this your neighborhood, there's no office max around here" "Nah, there isn't but I figured we could come to my house first shower and change and then head out, no reason for us to be walking around all sweaty, when we can be all fresh and clean." That damn Diangelo, Coco thinks to her self, finally sensing he may have something up his sleeve. "Mmmmmmk," she says looking at him with seductive curiosity in her eyes and he smirks, wraps one arm around her waist and leads her forward. "Come on Love, lets go get wet."

Once in the house, Diangelo showers first and throws on some sweats and a white tank. He's sitting on the edge of his bed when Coco gets out half wrapped in a plush purple towel. He sees her foot first and works his eyes upwards. Gold nail polish on freshly pedicured feet, look like gold bars at the foot of a goddess. Smooth milk chocolate legs. Her right thigh is sticking out from under the towel. He bites his lips and thinks "THICK". The beads of water on her flesh look like fresh dew on chocolate colored rose petals. He wants to lick her dry but maintains his composure. She walks pass him, what she doesn't have in hips she makes for in ass. Not too high, not too low, round and heavy looking and he thinks "SUPER THICK!." His body responds and he becomes the words he was thinking. Coco lets one side of the towel drop and her hershey kissed rump is fully exposed. Diangelo makes the sign of the cross on his chest, praying for composure. He wants to launch a sexual attack on her that would be far from a crime. She takes the towel and dries her back, watching her small hands find there way down her back, the space that she arches so well and the ledge of her cheeks, the fire inside him grows. Coco paying Diangelo no attention is giggling and talking as she turns towards him. She is teasing him, he thinks, "does she know what she is doing to me, she has no idea what trouble she is causing herself." And obviously so, because Coco continues to chatter on as she slides the towel over her bountiful breast and erect nipples, down her midsection, on top her mound and between her legs. He can't take anymore and moves closer. Before she can see him coming he grabs her by the arm and brings her closer to him. "Love, what are you doing?" Shut up," he says and places two fingers between her hidden lips. Coco lets out a shocked whisper of a moan. "I want you right, now!" "But you said you have things to do." "Didn't I tell you to shut up?!" Diangelo's aggressiveness turns her on and she instantly moistens and parts her legs a little.

Coco can see the sexual deviance in his eyes. She's scared and excited at the same time. She doesn't know what is going to happen but she knows that she will like it. Diangelo bites her on her ribcage right below her breast and they perk up, nipples standing firmer then they were before, they look like giant chocolate chips on top of a bowl of hand churned chocolate ice cream. Her breast are smooth and tempting. He licks from her ribcage, the bottom of her right cup to her chocolate chip,circles it once and then takes a bite. Coco lets out an "ooooohhh," and slides her hand down his back bringing his midsection closer to hers. Diangelo moves his head from the right to the left and pleasures the left as he did the right. Coco's hands cup and caress his head as he brings her body closer to begging to be penetrated.

He stands up, thick and present, turns her around and demands, "lay on your back and open your legs." She just stares at him. "You heard me, lay on your back and open your legs." Coco obeys. One lick, thats all he gives her,one long, wet lick. He bites her on her left thigh and then on her right and pushes her up towards the head board. With fear and excitement in her eyes, Coco bends her legs, bracing her self for his massive weapon. He moves slow, building her anxiety, the tip touches, she takes a deep breath. It enters and she gasps and spreads her legs a little more. He bites his lip and removes it. She sighs and again the tip touches. Her wetness now contagious, tip slickened it enters, pushes pass her first ring of passion and she moans. Shaft wettened, she "Aaaaahhhh"'s. He's in her, like a guest in her home. He is very present within her walls. He works her slowly, in and out, allowing all of him to enjoy her. This is just the foreplay. Thirty seven minutes pass before she reaches her first climax. He askes her if it was good, she kisses him and says yes. The deviance in his eyes returns, shes bites his neck, he pulls out slow, positions himself perfectly in line with her middle and dives deep, catching her off guard. She lets out a little nervous laughter and he scolds her. "No laughing in my bedroom," and drives in deep again. She laughs again, out of shock. This time he exits and penetrates with every word. Each stroke deeper than the last, "I.... Said.... No...Laughing...In ...My...Bedroom." Her walls clap as if to give him a round of applause for his performance. He feels her bodys' response and is pleased but not satisfied.

He positions her on her side. Traces her side with one finger, while the fingers of his other hand do a dance between her clitoris and her leaky opening. He smacks her on her backside and she pokes it out more towards him. His nails drag from under her cheeks and take a handful of her plump rounded area. He gives her his index finger to suck, once it is well moistened it finds its way to the entrance of her forbidden dwelling.

He is taking her to a place she has never been before. Dually penetrated and aroused. Her femininity heightened to a level never before known, her entire body is an orgasm. She can not tell when one orgasm ends and when another starts or whether she is experiencing just one long unceasing wave of fulfillment. She is in ecstasy. Every tremble from her body is electricity to his. Pleasing her, pleases him and drives his desire. He begins feeling weak from withdrawal and needs to reenter her to recharge. He kisses her on her neck and looks deep in her eyes. She looks love drunk but not yet on the brink of over intoxification, her wants her there. He kisses her lips gently and leads her to a hung over position. Her breast pressed firmly against the cushions of the couch, hands in the position that says "I surrender", knees apart, ass upright. He kisses the back of her neck, traces the tattoos on her back with his tongue, until her butt pokes and wiggles in search of his member. He takes hold of her waist with both hands, his feet planted firmly on the ground and enters her. She says "ooouuuhhh" is a way that lets him know that she likes the pain. She is not hurt though her body is tender. She climaxes three times in this position before Diangelo begins to show signs that his turn is near.

She can feel his breath becoming shaky on her back. The sign of him breaking gives her strength. She pulls away from him, turns to him too quickly for him to stop her and begins to suckle his pulsating private. Now he is the one with love sounds seeping from his lips. She works her head and her hands simultaneously bringing him closer and closer to where he has taken her over and over again. Wanting him to suffer a little too, she stops abruptly and just looks at him. His eyes strained and breathing harsh, he tries to find the words, but before he does she takes him deep into her mouth once again, he sighs with relief. Not wanting his vanilla in her tummy, Coco begins to manually stimulate him while acting as a tea cup for his tea bags. She licks and sucks on each one individual, his body tenses. He's almost there. Right hand jerks up and down, left hand caresses bag one as her mouth suctions the other. He holds the back of her head, his nonverbal confimation that he likes what she is doing, encouraging her to continue. She continues until his pistol begins to jerk and cock back. Both hands graps her head, she sucks harder and jerks faster, he pulls her head away and aims. He pretty chocolate face gets cream all over it. She licks her lips and says, "mmmmm it taste just like a sundae!"

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