Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome to Love

Dear Self,
I got two tattoos today. You are probably thinking “so what?” but these were not regular tattoos just for art. I did not pick them, they chose me. They distracted my mind and wouldn’t allow me to think of anything else until I decided I was going to get them. They nagged and picked at my thoughts until all my thoughts became focused on manifesting they’re reality on me. The first requested to be placed on the right. My more dominant side. The side I lean on. The side I will always lend more attention to. So that I never forget to “Love Thyself.” On the left, the reflective, compliment of my right, once just flesh now has a symbol etched on its surface. An African symbol, created by a chief that missed his home and longed to be with his people. The symbol that will always remind me that “Love never loses its way home.” Not to remind me that a lost love will return but that love itself will return to the place it comes from. A revelation to me that if I bear love and it comes from within me and if from the depths of myself I send out love then that is where it will always return. Through trying to love others, sometimes forcing my love onto others and losing them, I have learned that the one person I should love the most, the one that will never leave, is myself. I must first be full of  love in order to give bountiful love. So I am no longer outsourcing my love, searching for love in some far away place or person but am healing the original source. Learning from love to love me first. So here is to losing a love in order to gain the truest love of them all.


Love is Me

Its not you I needed but all of this I needed to get out.
Out of me
Was holding me
Pressing me down couldn't fly
Didn't have the strength
But did without knowing it
Letting you go
Letting me out
This my love
Me my love
Is mine
The only form of love that is possessive
Is the love of thyself
You couldn't give it to me
Though I requested
With hands out
Arms outstretched
Heart half open
Soul half closed
Searching for love
Definition unknown
But searching
In you
What all along was in me
Was me
Took it in and let it reform me
Transform me
In to it
Once looking without
For what I know now,
Love and me are one in the same