Love Thyself, Please Thyself, Be Liberated...

On my way to healing
When sweet words cause uneasiness
When positive compliments bring forth tears
I am not there yet
Loving thyself in the distance
Self inflicted joy hard to stand
Not yet realizing my own beauty
still not there yet
Fear of being alone
Singing "loneliness won't leave me alone"
Discomforted by my own company
Must not be there yet
Fighting for others to see me as I can't even see myself
Realizing that can't work
Begging for clarity
To see myself as I really am
Finally on my way
Struggling to break through
Welling up with forgotten pain
Burned up by self loathing
Knowing a phoenix arises from the ashes
A little closer
Mood swinging
Mind swirling
Heart bursting
Not sure how much more I can take
I'm a little closer
Once I get it I will never be the same
Can see that this is a journey
Can see the road ahead of me
Can see there is something waiting on the other side
Must keep moving
I'm a little closer
More tears
A little more peace
A pained smile revealed
Still have a ways to go
In tune
Grabbing my lessons
Becoming selfish
Taking my time for my self
Taking my love for my self
Taking my joy for my self
So much closer
See me
Like me
Pretty pretty thing
Sweet sweet thing
Hello self
I love you
Almost there
Unconditional love
Wholistic love
Unshakable love
Goddess like love
Almost Euphoric
Almost there
Hello world
My smile returned
My glow so much brighter
My peace infectious
My love contagious and cyclical
Coming from within and returning there
The road never ends
Picking up blessings along the way
Easier today than it was yesterday
God a little more attainable
Joy easily sustained
Self reclaimed
Welcome healing
With head up
Heart open
And worthy

"Spiritual Growth Spurt"

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