Monday, September 13, 2010

Fem Fatale

His desire for her is obvious
An unquenched flame
Temporarily tamed by his current one
He leaves his want for her unresolved
Afraid he'll be consumed by her and
spiral down into an abyss of bliss
She, the snake charmer
Her, his heart, she gave him her own to wear as armor
Like blood and water
Love is stronger than lust
She a preying mantis
To destroy what they have is what she thirst
She wants to get to him but only if she can get to her first
Seduction her potion, strong but not as strong as their devotion
Not because she can't win but because he refuses to lose
Him being well versed in the 80/20 rule
Her wants she too
Just once to see if its all true
Prove herself the fittest of the two
The battle of the Ms. vs the Mrs……
To be continued

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